What is Enneagram?

Imagine if you had a system for knowing what makes people tick. A system that allows you to bring out the best in others, tap into their strengths and navigate through their challenges. Not only that, you will learn as much, if not more about yourself. The Enneagram is a
dynamic system of nine personality types that provides this insight and knowledge.

It’s an ancient 9-point system that puts people in nine distinct personality types. What is unique about Enneagram is its focus on the dynamism of life. Not only does it provide a comprehensive profile of your employees, but it also considers the growth and regression of your employee’s types, as well as the complex motivations behind their actions.

9 types of Personalities

Type 1

I am correct and i need to be perfect

Type 2

I can give need to be needed

Type 3

I am efficient need to succeed

Type 4

I am unique, sensitive & refined need to be special

Type 5

I am wise need to have it altogether

Type 6

I am loyal, need to have support & security from others

Type 7

I am fine, need to avoid pain

Type 8

I am strong, need to tell it like it is, avoid weakness

Type 9

I am settled, need to avoid conflict & turmoil

What is Emotional Intelligence?

 Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify our emotions and manage our responses to them

 It is also related to identifying others’ emotions and manage our responses to them

 From the iceberg perspective the effects of higher/ lower emotional intelligence are visible as desired/ undesired behaviors above the water line


An essential program to bring about Self-Awareness via the Enneagram tool and increase Emotional Intelligence, amongst young managers and teams

The situation

Some of your best leaders and employees are competent in crucial business areas but interact poorly with people. Under pressure they may bully, ignore, threaten or embarrass employees, vendors, and customers.

The Problem

People spend more time repairing interpersonal problems than getting work done. Employees are disgruntled and unmotivated. Teams disintegrate. Productivity and profits go down.

The Solution

Svadhyaya helps people master their emotions, relate to employees in a more productive way, and drive for results. Our approach pinpoints specific actions and establishes personal practice routines, helping people create new habits that solve their emotional intelligence problems.

What is Svadhyaya?

If you're in business today, you're feeling it – the hustle and the haste; the push and the profit. Everyone's after faster decisions, quicker resolutions and better results.

The shadow side of many organizations is the lack of “engagement" as reported by employees.
A report from Deloitte & Touché based on thousands of interviews indicates that only 25-30% of US workers feel that their best contributions are being harnessed. This means that the other 70% are either “disengaged" or “actively disengaged." The cost of this is estimated at $350 billion per year.

Our Enneagram and Emotional Intelligence Program “Svadhyaya” enables leaders to access
information that would otherwise be unavailable to them. This can enhance the quality of relationships, decision-making and productivity. By tapping into ‘emotional language’, employees are also able to know themselves better and begin to master their feelings, rather than allowing their feelings to master them. Improving Emotional Intelligence makes better
employees and leaders – it means time spent on work, not problems, resulting in greater productivity and profits

Organisations can apply Enneagram at four levels

At Individual Level

At Dialogue Level

At Group Level

At Organizational Level

Emotional Intelligence Competencies

When we explore ourselves through the lens of the Enneagram, we get to

 Understand how we’re using the 3 Centers of Intelligence – the head, heart and gut – so we can learn to make more effective and balanced decisions

 Uncover our specific communication strengths and challenges so we can become more effective in our relationships

 Discover how to improve our EQ through awareness of self and others so we can work more effectively with diverse groups of people

 Identify our particular strengths, motivators and natural abilities of our leadership type so we can
maximize our personal effectiveness

 Learn tools specific to our unique leadership style, so that we can start making changes straight away

 Explore the underlying fears, triggers and challenges specific to our leadership style so we can start to stretch beyond them

When we explore our team through the lens of the Enneagram, we get to

Understand how the team gets what it wants and how it behaves when things aren’t going well so we can manage conflict in a more collaborative and productive way

Understand how the team style is impacting tasks and the ability to get things done so we can see opportunities for improving overall productivity

Understand the unique gift that each team member brings to the table so we can better understand, trust and leverage the diversity of our colleagues

Understand the unique chemistry of our team so we can optimize its collective strengths and minimize its limiting behaviors

Understand how the team style is affecting relationships so we can learn opportunities for bringing in healthier alternatives

Topics relevant to your team can include the following

Building Trust

What do each of the types need in order to trust.

Art of having difficult conversations

Enneagram helps get a hang of under- standing on how to wade through unchartered waters & come out with a win-win solution for both parties involved.

Problem Solving

How can we use the Enneagram as a model to look at dilemmas from a fresh perspective.

Dealing with Conflict

What triggers each individual and how do we optimize this for better resolution.

Change Management

Understand how Enneagram can help you on transforming relationships & enabling personal growth.

Building Trust

Understand how you can leverage your innate preferences using Enneagram & work on it to make it your super-strength!

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