What is Enneagram and why is it important for you to know about this tool? Is it worth the time and money to learn Enneagram and apply it to your day-to-day life?

Imagine if you had a system for knowing what makes people tick. A system that allows you to bring out the best in others, tap into their strengths and navigate through their challenges; allows you to navigate your “bad days“ better.
Most people believe they are very self-aware, but quoting a well-researched fact here- ‘According to a 5yr research conducted by Harvard Business Review, 95% of the people think that they are self-aware, but surprisingly it turn outs that only 10-15% of people are actually self-aware.’ This essentially means that there is a strong possibility that you might be living or working with people who lack self-awareness.

When we lack self-awareness, we tend to operate on auto-pilot – our thoughts, actions and feelings take on a pattern which over a period of time become difficult to change. So instead of focusing on ourselves, we start to focus on external things to help us with the internal struggle, seldom though do we meet up with success.

The Enneagram tool helps us to turn inward, to focus on ourselves – allows us to see for ourselves how we react when we are happy or sad or excited or in despair; and most importantly helps us in identifying the difference between motivation and behaviour.
The most significant distinguishing aspect of Enneagram is that it allows us to explore our personalities by not boxing us into a particular type.

Imagine that you own a large home with many rooms and a beautifully maintained garden, but have confined yourself to a small dark closet in the basement. Most of us have even forgotten that the rest of the home exists and that we are the ones that own It!
The Enneagram allows us to be free of the shackles of our personality, which we have created around ourselves and permits us our growth both personally, professionally and spiritually.

The Enneagram is a dynamic system of nine personality types that provides one with this insight and knowledge. It’s an ancient 9-point system that puts people in nine distinct personality types.

What is unique about Enneagram is its focus on the dynamism of life; not only does it provide a comprehensive profile of ourselves, but it also considers the growth and regression of our personality types, as well as the complex motivations behind our actions.

The 9 Personality types

Type 1

I am someone who needs to get things right, my aim is to improve myself and others

Type 4

I need to be unique and authentic

Type 7

I need to plan things; contribute to the world

Type 2

I need to be liked and appreciated

Type 5 

I need to understand things better and my need for self-sufficiency is very high

Type 8

I need to be in control, be strong and make an impact on the world

Type 3

I need to be successful; working hard, leading and winning are very important to me

Type 6

I need to be safe and to belong

Type 9

I need to keep the peace and merge with others

When we explore ourselves through the lens of the Enneagram

1. We increase our Emotional Intelligence

2. We Create Self-awareness

3. We increase our empathy for others

4. Learn the art of being calm during stressful times

5. Acquire the ability of rapport building, and working collaboratively with people around us

6. Understand how we’re using the 3 Centres of Intelligence – the head, heart and gut – so we can learn to make more effective and balanced decisions

7.Uncover our specific communication strengths and challenges so we can become more effective in our relationships

8.Discover how to improve our Emotional Quotient through awareness of self and others

9. Learn tools specific to our unique leadership style, so that we can start making changes straight away

10. Enneagram allows us to create a path for self-growth which can be sustained over a lifetime.

There is a clear connection between understanding The Enneagram of Personalities and Emotional Intelligence.

Source: Robert Tallon and Mario Sikora –

Focusing on how each type has a coping strategy helps us to apply Enneagram to a variety of competency models for leaders, sales, executive coaching, and team building. Clearly the path to increased emotional intelligence comes from understanding our frequently used strategies to cope with tough situations, with other people, and lead successful lives.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Questa Enneagram has come up with a unique concept of working with The Enneagram to improve Emotional Intelligence. This powerful program is called Svadhyaya!

What is Svadhyaya?

With all the disruption in today’s workforce, the most successful companies know that the secret of unlocking world-class performance among their employees lies in maximising the potential of every single team member. A Gallup survey of 2019 found that around 35% of a company’s workforce is engaged- those who are highly involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace. Often these people are highly self-motivated too. But what happens to the actively disengaged employees who have miserable work experiences and spread their unhappiness to their colleagues? They form around 13% of the workforce.So even if we leave this 13% workforce and focus on the 42% who are neither highly engaged, nor are they disengaged but can be worked on to bring them into the engaged category fold, how do we go about it?

Self-Motivation might not be a problem with this 42% but what is stopping them from being in the category of Highly Engaged employees? In analysing data from 40 different organizations to differentiate star performers from average performers, emotional competencies were twice as important in contributing to excellence as pure intellect and expertise (Jacobs and Chen,1997)

Can Svadhyaya step in as a program and help organizations work on this problem? Yes! It can!

In a study of 181 different positions, from 121 organizations, worldwide 67% of the abilities deemed essential for effective performance were emotional competencies (Rosier,1994)

This program can be used to help individuals and teams to improve performance in organizations as diverse as family-owned businesses, government organizations, old world companies, start-ups and Fortune 500 companies

What can be improved with Svadhyaya?

Building Trust

What do each of the types need in order to trust.

Art of having difficult conversations

Enneagram helps get a hang of under- standing on how to wade through unchartered waters & come out with a win-win solution for both parties involved.

Problem Solving

How can we use the Enneagram as a model to look at dilemmas from a fresh perspective.

Dealing with Conflict

What triggers each individual and how do we optimize this for better resolution.

Change Management

Understand how Enneagram can help you on transforming relationships & enabling personal growth.

Building Trust

Understand how you can leverage your innate preferences using Enneagram & work on it to make it your super-strength!

Organisations can apply Enneagram at four levels

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